MICILE EZ_Network Documentation
version: 0.9
A few notes about our documentation:
  • The intentions of this documentation are to keep things simple.
  • Please see the examples at the end of each section for concrete examples of how to use each function.
  • If in doubt how to use a function, experiment!
  • We don't believe in writing more words just to make the documentation look more substantial
  • Quick Reference
    Other pages related to the EZ_Network library:
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    Compatible Devices
    WIFI built into every tablet
    Generic USB Ethernet Dongle with Davicom DM9601 Chipset

    * Please contact us for information on adding support for a device.

    Network Functions
    returns NetworkLink

    Creates a new
    NetworkLink object which communicates on the port specified by port
    Please see NetworkLink documentation for examples on how to use the create_networklink function.