MICILE Documentation
A few notes about our documentation:
  • The intentions of this documentation are to keep things simple.
  • Please see the examples at the end of each section for concrete examples of how to use each function.
  • If in doubt how to use a function, experiment!
  • We don't believe in writing more words just to make the documentation look more substantial
  • Core Libraries

    ez_graphicsLibrary to draw things on the LCD screen
    ez_touchscreenLibrary to interface with the touchscreen
    ez_soundLibrary to play and record audio
    ez_hardwareLibrary to interact with accelerometer and buttons


    ez_arduinoLibrary to interface with an Arduino microcontroller board
    ez_bluetoothLibrary to take communicate with bluetooth devices
    ez_cameraLibrary to take pictures with the built in camera
    ez_fingerprintLibrary to interface with fingerprint scanner
    ez_gamepadLibrary to read gamepads and joysticks
    ez_gpsLibrary to interface with GPS (Global Positioning System) receivers
    ez_networkLibrary to communicate across networks and internet
    ez_obd2Library to interface with onboard car diagnostic systems
    ez_pulseoxLibrary to interface with pulse oximeter
    ez_rfidLibrary to read RFID badges and tags
    ez_uiLibrary to make user interfaces
    ez_x10_automationLibrary to interface with X10 home automation modules
    ez_webbrowserLibrary wrapping a simple webbrowser